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15 Jul

15/07/2011 From Ulrichen to Campodolcino

When I leave Ulrichen the choice is tough; I am heading to Passo del San Gottardo but then I will have to decide: either go from Hospental to Andermatt directly or go for the Swiss five passes ring. I cannot decide, so I postpone the decision and go km by km and see what happens. It mostly depends, I think, on weather conditions. And the weather, guess what, is bad.
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13 Jul

13/07/2011 The chicken act – To and fro BSD and then from Colle del Moncenisio to La Thuile (Aosta)

I could not find a better title for this post; you will soon understand why.
As I said in the previous post, the fax machine at the hotel at Cesana Torinese does not work. I cannot even have a copy of my ID card with me. Now and in the next days I am going to and back from France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria etc. (and especially Slovenia, if I will have one spare day in the end) and I cannot risk of being stopped because I have not a valid ID card with me.
So, I decide to go back to Borgo San Dalmazzo and get my document back and then, as soon as I can, come back to these places.
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