Rice noodles production

A short story regarding the way rice noodles (the ones served in cambodian restaurants) are produced in the country side.
The setting is a small house in which a limited quantity of noodles is prepared.
The first phase is the preparation of the mixture of rice, that is smashed up and mixed with water until a uniform sort of hodgepodge is obtained.

The water and the rice are first put in a wooden basin and smashed with a wooden hammer.
No electricity or other modern equipment is used. It is a very elementary and effective third class lever operated by humans
The hammering is very quick and hard and so is the movement of the hand all around the basin
The lady controlling the process has to be careful not to get hurt
Once a certain amount of material is ready then it is time to proceed further
The smashed rice is put in a pot of boiling water to be cooked and to gain back some moisture
Further on, the cooked material is put in a can with holes on the bottom that is strongly pressed in order to produce the noodles
This phase of the process consists in applying a rudimental class two lever system applied by another member of the family
The noodles are now cooled down with fresh water using a willow basket that lets the water drain
The cooled down rice noodles are now given back to the lady that provides a skillful treatment to rinse them and form the typical noodles nest
The rice nests are then placed in a basket to be finally delivered. Much importance is given to the elegance of the movement that mimics a typical dance gesture

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