Hunting Scorpions and Tarantulae

This is a story about the daily search for spiders (tarantulae) and scorpions carried out by some people living in the countryside. They are used for personal consumption (a few) and for selling to restaurants (the most part). Flour obtained from scorpions is considered delicious and energetic, used tipically to bake sweets.

The search starts going around the countryside. The guy is young but expert, he knows his job, he leads the pack
Consider that he is looking for very small holes in the ground like this. Sometime there is a spiderweb just outside, sometime (like in this case) there is nothing – it is not easy to spot.
Once spotted, he quickly starts the digging; a few strokes and the job is almost done
The resident is there, disturbed and a little upset, I guess
It is not a small one
With a quick and expert move, the guy takes the spider from the above, he turns it upside down immobilizing the legs to reveal the two teeth with the poison
Another quick move to cut the teeth off using the sharp edge of the light spade
After that, the tarantula becomes totally harmless; he can show a certain laid-back confidence letting it to walk around a little (on himself)
Time to go; the spider is in the basket now and the quest starts over again
Another hole is spotted and the digging is quick
Sometime the process is not so easy so he digs with his hands; can you believe it?
He quickly grabs it out of the hole neutralizing the poison tail with the same movement. Here it is
No time to celebrate. Back to the camp now, preparing them all for lunch

He starts to lightly fry some garlic with a few drops of oil
You have to take care of your mixed fry, you know
Well, now it seems to be just right
Ready to go! Would you like some?
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