14/07/2011 From La Thuile to Ulrichen via Martigny, Sion, Brig

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Well, today is another day. Wheather forecast says it is going to be really bad over the entire area; wow.
But as for now the sun is breaking betweeen clouds; it’s very nice.
I pack up my luggage and, after a nice breakfast, I start preparing my motorbike.

The very kind hotel lady advises me to visit Colle San Carlo. It is already in my plans, so I thank her and I leave.
The usual pic for you to have an idea of what I ended up driving today.

14th July 2011 Route

Colle San Carlo is beautiful, as Val D’Aosta is, in general. If you want to visit very beautiful sites and you choose Val d’Aosta you can’t be wrong, guaranteed. Here is a little video you can judge from.

Colle San Carlo:

Past Colle San Carlo I head for Colle del Gran San Bernardo, Despite the forecats, the weather is good enough, with sunny spells; and at least it is not raining.
Colle Gran San Bernardo is very nice, cold and foggy but very nice.
Well, let me open a general point here. I talk about fog but what I find is that I finally drive into clouds that stays above a definite altitude; I do not know whether is proper fog, I do not think so. You can see what I mean and have a clear image of what is going on watching this short video taken with my smartphone, just to have an idea of the speed clouds are moving around with the wind.

Colle Gran San Bernardo (by phone):

But the full process of approaching Colle Gran San Bernardo, passing from the sunshine into the clouds is documented here:

Colle Gran San Bernardo:

Then the rest of the day is a long but quick tranfer to Ulrichen (Swiss) in order to find a convenient place to rest, not really exciting.
The plan for the next day is to attack the five or six Swiss passes named Furkapass, Grimselpass, Sustemnpass, Oberalpass, etc.
But the weather forecasts are terrible for tomorrow: do I really need to stick to the programme or jump this part altogether?
But the story will be a little different, as you will see, since I am not going to decide until the very last moment.

At Ulrichen I find a nice but expensive motorbike-friendly hotel with restaurant (swiss sites are never cheap).
But it is ok; and the day is over.

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