15/07/2011 From Ulrichen to Campodolcino

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When I leave Ulrichen the choice is tough; I am heading to Passo del San Gottardo but then I will have to decide: either go from Hospental to Andermatt directly or go for the Swiss five passes ring. I cannot decide, so I postpone the decision and go km by km and see what happens. It mostly depends, I think, on weather conditions. And the weather, guess what, is bad.

15th July 2011 Route

As you might see on the chart, the first pass to conquer is the Nufenenpass. It starts with clouds and it ends with rain; not really unexpected, you know. Here is the video.

Nufenenpass (Passo della Novena):

Arriving at the top, I am sort of discouraged because of the terribile weather. But when I pass the pass (eh eh), as I start to go down the slope it all changes again. So I turn the video on again and here is the video. Despite the cold temperature and the moisture produced by the sun inside the videocamera box, you can appreciate some beautiful landscapes. Here is the video:

After Nufenenpass, Passo San Gottardo. The will to go for the Swiss ring has strengthen a bit because the sun is back again and the surroundings are beautiful. The weather remains nice as I approach San Gottardo – until the tunnel. After it, a sudden change again. When I reach the pass the view is really one of a kind, fascinating but uncomfortable. I feel to be somewhere very similar to a hell niche. Perhaps you might get some feeling of what I am saying by having a look roughly at the end of the video.
The small lake is covered with hovering clouds (smoke on the water…). There is a bitter cold; the place is full of motorbikers (lots of BMW guys, you know). I rest for a while and I take the chance to buy a more detailed map of the region, so if I ever decide to go for the ring, I am ready.

Sankt Gotthardpass (Passo del San Gottardo):

It’s time to go now, because if I go for the ring the distance to go is going to be important and I do not want to reach Italy too late. I somewhat let the bike itself to choose where to go. And a slope says the ring (the Bike of the Ring).

So I turn to the left and the first one I meet is Furkapass. I must say that all of these swiss passes are breathtaking; the view is special for all mountain lovers and well worthwhile. Swiss is great (expensive but great).


After this all the others, one after the other. Grimselpass, Sustenpass and, out of the ring, Oberalppass; wow! Here are the videos.



After Muster, let’s go right down to Lukmanierpass (Passo del Lucomagno) towards Italy.
The view is really beautiful, the weather unpredictably nice, and so I am really enjoying the ride.
Before Bellinzona I go back north towards the Traforo del San Bernardino (not interesting at all from a touristic point of view) and from there down back again to Italy through Splügenpass (Passo dello Spluga). What a very very nice place (and lake). And my heart is warm again.

Passo Spluga:

After that it’s time to stop (I am very tired). I go to Madesimo to find an hotel; no success (and I must say that I am not very fond of this place, it looks like a very snobbish place. There is only one tunnel – built on purpose, I guess – to go to Madesimo. After reaching the town you cannot go anywhere else. In order to go to any other place you have to go back through the tunnel. Not funny).
I find a very nice hotel in Campodolcino (what a nice name!) just past Madesimo and I quickly stop there.
What a tiring, but worthwhile riding, day. Very nice.

Ah, by the way, today is my birthday, thank you

See you tomorrow

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