16/07/2011 From Campodolcino to S. Caterina Valfurva – the chicken is back

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After a nice night in Campodolcino, I pack it up and prepare to start a new day. While I take the bike out of the garage there is an important leakage of a liquid from somewhere above the engine with a light smoke. I turn it off and try to locate the source of the problem but in vain. Damn it!
I can only see that it is a somewhere hidden place between the tank and the engine. While I do this the leakage stops. The liquid is a watery thing, more green than grey. The head says it is the cooling liquid, the gut says it is oil. Moreover, I inspect the bike in its entirety and I notice that on the chain there is no grease anymore. I decide to try to go somewhere along the road to find some assistance if I have the chance.
The plan for the day is going to be what you see below:

16th July 2011 Route

So I head towards Passo del Bernina, via Chiavenna, Sankt Moritz, Pontresina. There is drizzle at the beginning and it is a bit cold.

And here is Passo del Bernina:

After Passo del Bernina, down to Tirano and then towards Passo del Mortirolo; on the map this road seems short but it is not in reality. I drive not too fast, keeping thinking on the leakage of the early morning. Beore climbing the Mortirolo I stop at a gas station and I ask for an oil check. The man is extremely kind; the level is absolutely ok so I decide that it is the cooling liquid. I put some grease on the chain too. I am more confident now; I will check levels every now and then.

It starts to rain; and here is Mortirolo:

After this down to (near) Edolo and then – driving through Ponte di Legno – to Passo di Gavia. It is lightly raining, tha road is very dirty with soil, leaves and small pieces of wood fallen from the trees. I feel tired and realise that I am very stressed; so there is room for the chicken to peep out again… At a certain point, approaching an ascending airpin bend, I fail while changing down the gear and I get into neutral; I do not realise it immediately so the bike stops running and slightly go back with no forward drive. I hit the brake too late and fall at a slow motion speed. No damage to myself, but the right mirrow is broken and so is the tank bag. While I blame myself, a very very very kind man stop his car and helps me to put the bike back on its tyres; so kind! I thank him a lot. I stop for ten minutes to calm down and packing it all together again. I check everything and then start again. I decide I will stop after Gavia at Santa Caterina Valfurva, before getting to Passo dello Stelvio. I am too tired and Passo dello Stelvio is ‘lo Stelvio’.

By the way, this is Passo del Gavia:

I find a nice hotel at Santa Caterina Valfurva, I buy a replacement bag and have dinner.
I learn that the following day there is an event on the Stelvio; the pass is going to be closed early in the morning. If I want to continue my journey following the plan I have to leave earlier than I thought. Ok, good to know, that’s life.
And that’s the end of the day.

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