Basilica di Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, Roma

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A not so known part of the beautiful Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem in Rome and the connected Abbey. In the course of its history various Orders of monks have succeeded one another within its walls.

In particular, starting from the XIIth century, it was assigned to the Benedettini (Benedictines), then the Certosini (Carthusians) and finally the Circestensi (Circestensians). But read here what happened recently; from Wikipedia:

“Due to improper behavior and various abuses, since 2009 the pastoral care of the parish of Santa Croce has been revoked from the Cistercian monks and entrusted to the diocesan clergy of Rome; in 2012 Pope Benedict XVI, with a historic decision, unprecedented, ordered the final suppression of the Cistercian abbey and the dispersion of the community of monks, thus ending almost a thousand years of monastic presence in the area. “

This is how this story is told; here are my pics

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